The First Silicone Breast Implant Patient

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A newly released video, Breast Men, is loosely based on the history of the first woman to have silicone breast implants, back in 1962.

(The movie’s ad tag: “Never before has one invention given America such a lift!)

The video paints one of the surgeons as a get-rich-quick-artist who spots a surgeon friend’s invention – the silicone implants – as a way to fame, fortunate and a burgeoning 401k account.

What actually happened back in the ’60s was that the two surgeons  — one was a professor of plastic surgery — first tried injecting silicone into the breasts. But after seeing the terrible results on 11volunteer patients, they gave it up.

With the first implant in hand, the doctors came across 26-year-old Timmie Jean Lindsey, a mom who had four children in nine years. That left Timmie Jean with sagging breasts.

She also had a small tattoo on each breast and went to see one of the plastic surgeons for dermabrasion removal of the tats. The surgeon said he had developed  a new breast rejuvenation procedure for women who had many children. But Timmie turned him down, saying what she really wanted was an otoplasty to pin her large ears back.

Eventually, the surgeon agreed to do the otoplasty for no charge if Timmie would have the breast implants. She agreed, increasing her breast size to B from a C, and became the world’s first cosmetic breast augmentation via implant patient in 1962.

Recently, Timmie told the Daily Mail in London, England, that after the procedure, she suddenly got tremendous attention from men and soon married again. (Read the breast implant story.)

The condition of Timmie's breast are shown, extreme left, before surgery; middle, two months after the procedure and two years later.

The condition of Timmie's breast are shown, extreme left, before surgery; middle, two months after the procedure and two years later.

But after ten years, her breasts became hard – probably due to capsular contracture, a type of internal scarring and the most common complication in breast augmentation.

(See our previous post on typical breast enlargement complications and how to deal with them.)

Timmie, now in her eighth decade, still has problems with her 45-year-old implants but does not want to risk surgery due to her age.

And the surgeons? They sold their invention to Dow Corning in return for royalties.

Although Dow Corning no longer makes breast implants, two other medical manufacturers picked up the slack.

Now, the most current plastic surgery statistics available reveal that breast augmentation is the U.S.’s leading invasive cosmetic plastic surgery, with about 307,000 patients counted in 2008.

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